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PawProof™ 8 Months of Flea and Tick Free

PawProof™ 8 Months of Flea and Tick Free

🌿 Natural Ingredients
💧 Water-Resistant
📏 Fits Pets of All Sizes

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Is the size appropriate for my dog?

Certainly! Yes, the Pawproof collar is designed to fit all dogs sized S-XL, with an adjustable length of 25 inches.

Refund policy?

We confidently offer a 3-month money-back guarantee, as we believe our Pawproof collar will contribute to your pet's well-being. If you're not satisfied, please reach out to us via email at for a refund. Your pet's satisfaction is our priority.

Fit For All Sizes
Natural Ingredients
Total Defense

Your Pet's Well-Being

Guard your pet with our PawProof collar—defense against fleas and ticks. ACT NOW for constant peace of mind.

Universal fit for all breeds.

Easily trim and customize our PawShield anti-flea and tick collar to perfectly fit your beloved furry companion.

Say goodbye to chemicals! Our PawProof Flea & Tick Collar offers a natural, healthy solution for keeping pests at bay.


Ensure your pet's constant protection and well-being with the PawProof anti-flea and tick collar, providing reliable, long-lasting defense for a happier, healthier life.

A lone tick can lay 3000 eggs daily, posing health risks to your pet. Beyond bites, it's the diseases they carry that are most concerning.

  • Elena Ramirez
    "Unbeatable Defense!"
    This flea and tick collar from Poochss is a lifesaver! Our pup was constantly scratching and biting due to fleas, but since we started using this collar, the difference has been amazing. Easy to put on, long-lasting, and most importantly, effective! Highly recommend!
  • Amelia Baker
    "Affordable and Effective!"
    The PawPoof flea and tick collar delivers top-notch protection at a price that won't break the bank. As a pet owner, finding an affordable solution without sacrificing quality is paramount, and this collar exceeds expectations. Don't let the low price fool you—it's highly effective and budget-friendly. A must-have for every pet owner!
  • Ethan Williams
    "A Must-Have for Pet Owners!"
    If you're a pet owner, this product is an absolute essential. Since using it on my own furry friend, I've seen a remarkable improvement in his comfort and well-being. It's easy to use, effective, and offers long-lasting protection against pesky parasites. Trust me, your pet will thank you!


Upon Contact, our PawProof collar actively fends off and eliminates fleas. It releases harmless ingredients to form a defensive barrier around your pet's neck, effectively deterring ticks and fleas.

PawProof's flea and tick collar prioritizes pet safety. It's non-toxic, chemical-free, complies with safety standards, and contains safe, natural ingredients—ensuring effective protection without any harmful substances.

Putting on the Pawproof collar is a breeze! Just wrap it around your pet's neck, leaving room for two fingers to fit comfortably between the collar and the skin. Adjust for a snug fit, ensuring it's tight enough for security but not too constricting for your pet's comfort.

Absolutely, you can remove and reattach our collar as many times as needed. For optimal protection, it should be worn continuously.

Our collar is recommended for puppies and kittens starting from the eighth week of age. It ensures their safety and comfort during their playful and curious early stages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Brook Hand

great product! I have taken the necklace a couple of times already. It lasts about 6 months on my Border Collie

Amber Crona

Very good product I recommend it

Eugene Monahan

The same color order, I fit you perfectly

Diego Trantow

Belt against fleas and ticks, excellent. Uses such a belt this second year. Very convenient to put on the cat's neck, willingly received by the cat. Does not cause natural stimuli.
Recommend the store, sent and received early from the insurer, less than two weeks.

Herminio Metz

They smell like fruit.
The presentation is good.